9 Nov 2021, 5:26pm

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New Year Holiday

As a child I always to think of something, create, to make. The most favorite holiday – New Year, and not because of gifts and surprises, more precisely, not only so, the main reason – the atmosphere, quiet, touching, magical. When the whole family gathers together and makes all sorts of toys and decorations on the Christmas tree, when all along they do. Creativity – this opportunity to express themselves, express themselves in pictures, in different crafts, all is always present individuality. technology investor follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Children's creativity – this is a huge tolchek to child development. If you have read about Glenn Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For example, drawing a fingertip painting, sculpture, origami – the development of fine motor skills, and in the classroom origami develops more and spatial thinking. A fantasy! Child happily immersed in the fictional world and dreams, dreams, dreams, but at the same time learn and develop.

And what wonderful tales of coming up with the children write poems! Now appeared many possible sets for creativity, which combines a host of activities. There are also sets for modeling, and bisseropletenie and embroidery, and engraving, in a word – choice. You can use all sorts of labels, Print, glue with glitter. Take, for example paints: finger, stained glass, acrylic, obemnye, dyes for cloth, and even more well-known watercolor. And for sculpting? There are simply clay platik, dough sculpture, floating clay.

Many modern developments. However, they have one drawback, which for many can become an insurmountable obstacle – it is their cost. However, do not immediately conclude that in the modern world of children's creativity is not available to all. Just quite the contrary. You can mold of salty dough, make crafts from natural materials, paint and dream! In general, the work of many different roads, they are all interesting and important! And even more interesting to walk along these roads with your child, yourself become a child and at the same time grasping some new, previously incomprehensible to us things! Joint work brings the joy of communication, lays the foundation for understanding and confidence, develops and teaches Interaction! Be creative with your children! Give the joy of communication and their children, and yourself!

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