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Template Installation

The Rules of traffic of the says: – 'Overtaking-moving vehicle ahead of the curve, moving from the occupied strip. "This maneuver is one of the traffic police statistics opasnyh.Po every fifth dorozhnotransportnoe Template Installation of violations of human obgona.No despite the cruelty of punishment for violation of the rules for overtaking, there are many drivers to overtake where overtaking is prohibited. Startapp is likely to agree. But any of us have to perform overtaking transpotnogo means that, by our standards is going medlenno.Vypolnyaem overtaking the streets, are ahead for the city to speed trassah.I, performing this maneuver, we can run into problems. Therefore, you must observe the rules of overtaking, and then we quickly without finishing their adventure to the destination. Many writers such as Essex Financial offer more in-depth analysis. Always remember that we are not alone in doroge.Vokrug us the same movement participants who are traveling in a passing and counter- napravlenii.I 'God forbid' performing overtaking or passing at the end will survive a head-stolknovenie.Shansy minimal. Rules for overtaking say: 'No passing at the end of the rise and on other stretches of road with limited visibility from moving into the oncoming traffic. "I would also add-No passing in a fog of heavy rain and other times when bad vidimost.Dumayu that you will agree with me. We have to perform every day in obgon.I this maneuver involved, overtaking, overtaking and vstrechnyy.Budem considered to be overtaken us pripyatstvuet not increase speed and counter-traveling at a constant rate. Before you start overtaking, it is necessary to determine the rate the front car and the speed and acceleration capabilities of our avtomobilya.Smozhem we forge ahead and break away from being overtaken vehicle.

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Ford's designers, together with marketing decided that "Ford" lacks dynamics, namely the external speakers. And came up with the kinetic design make it a little crossover Ford Kuga (Ford Kuga). Ford SUV looks wiry and sports. For the first time a prototype Kuga shown at 2005. Then he was called simply iosis. At the Paris Motor Show in 2006 he was promoted to the rank of iosis X Concept. Finally, in the embodiment of the serial car gets the name of the Kuga. Unacceptable for the standard practice, large, was only one design solution – too sloping, coupe-style roof.

Fordovtsy decided to spare the exuberant head and rear passengers lined the "ceiling". Interesting novelty. Interestingly the very type – compact crossover. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hillary Clinton. We can say that the Ford Kuga – the firstborn. However, he will not run in the path of a design model lineup – on the contrary, he would follow the new Mondeo. So, if you look at the car Ford Kuga, especially in its struts-convex lights – "eyes", you will overcome the feeling of deja vu – all right. A new kinetic design is first to get Mondeo.

But he does not have a full drive, while the Kuga is. And in this lies the rub: the type of drive, despite officially on the presentation machine, fordovtsy not disclosed. Technical details of Ford / Ford promises to reveal only the beginning of next year when we should start a formal sales. Although it has some information that Kuga wheel drive system borrowed from Volvo – in particular, the model V50. This means that the engagement of the rear axle in the active work will respond electronically controlled clutch Haldex. The system features a good performance – in the manufacturer, the rear wheels are connected more to the point, as the front will slip 1 / 4 "dummy" traffic. AWD transmission is likely to receive several modes of operation, and a driver – Forced to choose between front-wheel drive and own. So, this is done, say, a Nissan Qashqai. For prices on car Ford / Ford Kuga. The manufacturer has not specifically apply to this subject, but there is information from Reuters, the car will cost no less than 20 thousand pounds, or nearly 40 thousand U.S. dollars, though it tsenya for England. Now about the engine. The first officially designated diesel engine will become. The two-liter with TDG capacity of 136 hp, in terms of this same power, even as a direct competitor to the engine Mitsubishi Concept cX. True, the last – again – a new development, but the motor Kuga newborns" can not be called. Of gasoline while waiting for 217-horsepower 2.5-liter turbo – also with volvovskimi roots. He is likely to be top-end. Subsequently, the proposal will force more solid – with two engines on the market is not very forcibly competitors. However, all official information, again, appears near the beginning of next year, so I have to wait a bit. With regard to the availability, in-car consumer is the central console, made by Ford's new "kinetic" reasons, 7-inch display, which will receive the image from the rear view camera, and can choose from many options for interior design and the body, such as a Mini. True, this is a European equipment – with any motor car will appear in Ukraine, probably, until no one will say, even the official importer.

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Volkswagen Polo

Recognised high quality wiper blades – avtoschetki Bosch – manifested in the great glass cleaning and longevity of use. Innovative technology ensures the best Bosch windshield visibility on the road and maximum reliability. Today more and more car manufacturers equip their products from the company wiper BOSCH – ranging from the Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 407 to Maybach (Daimler-Chrysler). Frameless wiper Bosch AeroTwin with synthetic two-component rubber band (hence the name Twin – double), as well as traditional brush with clasp TWIN system, have won the Test series in 2003. In the test car magazines, such as the ADAC Motorwelt, Autobild, Auto Motor and Sport, frameless wiper Bosch AeroTwin took first place. This is no accident – as in other areas of automotive engineering, the firm BOSCH for decades a leading manufacturer of brushes and wiper systems due to its innovation policy. Since 2004, a further innovative move by BOSCH has anti-friction coating for all rubber wiper blades TWIN, which increases the comfort of clean glass, including a partially dry the glass surface. Wiper Bosch AeroTwin sets available for a particular car model, which simplifies the purchase and installation of brushes.

No need to choose among prodovtsa length and attachment of the brush, just need to know make and year of car. Easy installation and instructions on the packaging make life easier for motorists, protecting his wallet and giving an opportunity to change the windshield wipers. Experience has shown that when operating in the city wipers are faithfully and not less than 15,000 km. or one year. True resource wiper directly depends on the windshield. If you touch it looks like sandpaper, you have to change the brush so often, how many rainy days in the month.