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In The Trend: The Own Book Or The Individual Calendars With Your Own Touch

The Berlin media specialist of Memorabilis designed and produced for private and business customers customized printed products instead of mass-produced goods – even in small quantities, Berlin, September 4 2009 impersonal mass media, everywhere the same standardized products for average citizens”: lost in the anonymity of the consumer world of today the need is growing among the people for individuality and uniqueness. The natural desire to express their own identity, is still difficult to implement with clothes or home furnishings. What is more obvious than their own life history to document individual experiences or hobbies in Word and image in printed form? Who decides but on a demanding individual design, professional texts, and emphasizes a high-quality production, requires technical support. He can get now: Memorabilis is the recently founded company, tailor-made, individual Printed matter designed and produced. The Managing Director, author and PR consultant Cornelia Hat profile as well as graphic designers and print specialist Hans Sporri, have both many years of experience in the production of printed materials. The unusual name of Memorabilis”by the way, comes from the Latin and means worthy of mention, memorable”.

It was the biography are parents, the memory of the childhood of the offspring or a special family celebration, there are travel reports, a catalogue of the collection, the personal cookbook or the appropriate poems, which lay dormant for years in the drawer: Memorabilis makes it individual, lovingly designed books, brochures or calendar also in smallest quantities of high quality even in personalized form. But also companies of every size value uniqueness and therefore also are among the clients of Memorabilis. For her reporting, designed and produced Memorabilis-team including Firmenchroniken and anniversary fonts Annual reports and documentation, brochures and leaflets, books, customer news and much more. This, especially the individual approach of business partners and customers instead of spam mail and bulk mail plays an important role. So, not only brochures and exposes with the name of the customer can be personalized. Memorabilis manufactures also customized art and photo calendar, E.g. as customer gifts with own photos, company logo or playful integrated into artistic photos first name and surname of the recipient. Press contact: Memorabilis Hat profile + Sporri GbR Cornelia Hat profile of Kieler str.

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