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Contributor Technology

This thought can appear of not able professionals, who if they limit the technique of ' ' to debit and creditar' ' , forgetting it scientific aspect that the accounting possesss. It is verified that the profile of the modern Accountant is of a value man that it needs to accumulate many knowledge, but that it has a market of guaranteed work. Importantssimo in the value aggregation is an element the company, being essential part of the process of taking of decisions, therefore to its knowledge it is the responsibility for ' ' triagem' ' of the harvested information of the companies and for the allocation of these to the operational performance. These new characteristics had made to appear and to promote the called Accounting Managemental Accounting, as tool in the management business-oriented and the evolution of the segment of Consultoria in the countable area. 4 SPED? CHANGE OF PARADIGMS By means of the intense technological evolution, perceives that the technology of the information is something present in all the areas it scientific knowledge. In the Accounting, in turn, we can understand the advance of this technology through the implantation of the Public System of Escriturao Digital (SPED). Instituted for the Decree n.

6.022, of 22 of January of 2007, the SPED understands part of the Project of Modernization of the Administration Tax and Aduaneira (PMATA) that it consists of the implantation of new processes supported for integrated systems of information, technology of the adjusted information and logistic infrastructure. It consists of the modernization of the current systematics of the fulfilment of the accessory obligations, transmitted for the contributors to the administrations taxes and the agencies fiscalizadores, using themselves of the digital certification for ends of signature of electronic documents, thus guaranteeing the legal validity of the same ones only in its digital form. Of initiative of the Federal Government, the SPED aims at to speed, to simplify and to standardize the relations between the Financial Administrations and the Contributor.

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Department Pointers

This to the times is truth. But it has situations where if it can improve the performance, without this costs more money. It costs the effort to organize and better to take care of with new ideas. To brighten up, objective pointers and measures of results, help very. We have little culture in this area; we measure little. I mention it indicating of quality, of efficiency, to count how many people if it took care of, how much cost or the time expense to return? this when we make? to the contributor. In this aspect we perceive great difference in relation to some sectors of the private initiative, in which if it measures each detail: the used material, the hours used in the work, the wage, the available team. Peter Thiel does not necessarily agree.

When are not used pointers? what still it is frequent in the public sector? the moral of the team tends to be low, or to accomodate. Nobody enxerga the result of the work. With the aid of pointers, the people start to understand its paper better, veem more clearly what they make. They get an evidence of its action. Of certain form, they start to act in function of goals, search to surpass them, they bring new ideas.

The public organizations can and must work with evaluation of results. Innovation depends on evaluation. To find the new ideas we must hear the people and this in them takes the best ones resulted. Better ideas appear, or the ideas improve. But the debate must be qualified, organized. That is, objective pointers. Debate of opinion finishes in fight. The objetividade is basic. The organizations that to know to hear tend to earn, can advance, and identify new chances. Adm. Ricardo Wagner de Managing Carvalho of the Department of Strategical Projects Amtec?