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Que Business

It has shown that only a significant role can play those companies that are prepared to compete and have paid the necessary attention to technological development in its operation, participation in the markets to conquer, venture. Read additional details here: Jennifer Carter. the technology was understood as a commodity, always available in the market, which was acquired incorporated both in machinery and equipment, and miscellaneous support services. In other words, was seen as a participant express its views, as an input that could be bought for the purpose of being able to produce a given product and for whose selection, acquisition and use did not require a level of training particularly height. Having technological capacity is, then, to have knowledge and information through which the company can make optimal use of its production capacity, as well as transform it and replace it. On the basis of this distinction, it can be said that, generally speaking, Venezuelan companies acquired production capacity, but no technological capacity. THE technological VARIABLE a company’s competitiveness depends fundamentally on the productivity with which I managed their technological resources, material and financial, as well as of the efficiency of their processes (i.e. their level of quality, its production speed and flexibility or adaptability to changes in the environment). For this reasons it is determined that the efficient use of technology makes it a competitive business advantage, provided that knows it the human talent assimilate and use.

But technology alone does not develop or take advantage, it is necessary to schedule it, identifying and evaluating the opportunities and threats, as plans are designed strategic enterprises. When this does not occur, the consequences tend to be very serious. The impact of technology goes beyond of the companies, although aunque algunas some appear to be insensitive to it in terms of markets and products. Do companies that have identified the need to analyze their technological environment, have departed from the identification of a problem by asking some questions as: O what technologies the company has and in which processes are involved?Or which technologies are critical in the business of the company?Or which technologies are available for the business of the company in the external environment?Or what will be the evolution of the technologies involved in the company in the future?Or which has been investing in technology products and business processes?Or substitute technologies for the business of the company in the future which are and will be the access to them?Does o Que technology investments must do the company and how it will be your transfer and assimilation? Companies raised the previous questions are looking for specialists who advise them and provide them services of management of technology, with the aim of developing competitive advantages, since this aspect.

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