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National Periodical

It was a mount foot, that later I would know to call ' ' Alley of the Community of the Pinheiro' ' , and the rumors were that it had a slaughter, with bodies burnt for the multitude. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts). As it said was dream and, strangely, the Ftima only followed me to Bernardes until the high one of the mount and it used a small digital camera. Not vi in the place people with inhabitant face, only some young that tried to curtail mine ' ' trabalho' ' , saying to know my type professional, that they called ' ' pitbull' ' , therefore I would be distracting with questions, while the young woman (they had not known the Ftima) he went to photograph everything. They of were not all missed, but almost surtei (even so keeping silence) when perceiving that the Ftima did not film nothing, even so I sent insistent signals with the look. In that hostile way for the press, still I obtained to raise information, such as that a group of young vitiated to crack improvised batucada in cans, in the foot of the mount, when had the sequestration for a group of 30 encapuzados, they had taken that them for the high one of a rock and they had killed there them and they burnt the bodies.

When hearing the stories, the Bonner if limited to say: ' ' perhaps the people of one notice in the JN' '. I already was in checklist for too much verifications and at least I said to the global couple that not age only plus a common citizen, and yes journalist, above all reporter. Later, binding to the IML I would have important information that they had strengthened my thesis of that let us not stow ahead of a lynching where the community made ' ' justia' ' with the proper hands. For the number of skulls between the carbonized bodies they had confirmed, me that they had been five victims and strangely all they had cut to the tips of the fingers of feet and hands. Until I remembered the inhabitant who offered to a sip cachaa to me and showed the gallows of black rope, alleging that there the encapuzados ones had started ' ' festa' ' later was made the fogueira. I thought about Viking ritual and the Inquisition. Later, in the National Periodical, I would see note on the case and the full officer of stars in the shoulders ' ' informando' ' that one was about a pacified community and that the verification would be rigorous I moved for the canal that passed old drawings livened up until obtaining to catch in sleep

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For Heraclitus (centuries VI and V C), Greek philosopher, nothing is immovable, invariant, that is, nothing he remains what he is; in contrast, everything is changedded, everything is in movement, everything flows, everything is to devir. The engine of this transformation is the contradiction that is contained in all the things. This wants to say that in the interior of each thing it has opposing forces in fight between itself and that they make with that it leaves of being what is and if becomes another thing. In the time of Scrates and Plato, the word ' ' dialtica' ' it assigned a certain way to argue or to dialogue that it had for objective to explicitar the contradictions gifts in the reasoning of the interlocutors, in order to surpass the divergences of the particular opinions and to reach the true knowledge. (Similarly see: technology investor). This direction is next to the etimolgico, therefore dialectic comes of the Greek term dialektk, that it means ' ' the art to argue and to use arguments lgicos' ' (Houaiss dictionary). Throughout the history of the philosophy, many philosophers had made use of the dialectic concept, attributing it diverse connotations, but always emphasizing the aspect of the contradiction.

This, therefore, constitutes a basic element in the perspective dialectic. But who, in fact, systemize the dialectic as method of interpretation of the reality was an idealistic German philosopher of centuries XVIII and XIX Hegel call. It conceives the dialectic as a process that results of the contradictions gifts in the thought. Marx absorbs the dialtico nucleus of the hegeliano thought, but it confers a materialistic character. For it, the reality, the world, the society also is permeados by contradictions, but these do not derive from the thought, and yes in the way as the men produce its material existence and of the type of social relations that establish between itself in this productive process. Thus, for Marx and Engels, it is not the thought that, organizing itself of contradictory form (thesis, antithesis and synthesis), produces the reality material, but yes the reality that, for force of contradictions in it gifts (as the fight of classrooms, for example) generate the different forms of thought.