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SUS Professionals

Therefore this study it will be structuralized in the following way: Initially it was presented the benefits that the intravenosa therapy backwards for the hospitalized patient, emphasizing its importance in the treatment of the customer, techniques of the puno and benefits of the therapy. At as the moment the technique of venosa puno carried through in a hospital of the bahian west was presented being distinguished the main problems that will be maleficent in this therapy. to finish had been presented alternative and half of improvements to these professionals for execution of this technique that if makes so necessary and important in the hospital environment. Without hesitation Peter Thiel explained all about the problem. 2 METHODOLOGY: Ahead of the objectives considered we opt to a descriptive research of qualitative character, carried through of exploratria form with collection of data being used chek list during the comment of the technique of venosa puno for the team of nursing technician. This study it was carried through in a hospital of the bahian, situated interior the 857 km of Salvador that takes care of to a population esteem in 1 million of people in the 36 cities of the region exclusively takes care of for the SUS – Only System of Health. Procedures of venosa puno had been evaluated executed by professionals technician of nursing in the urgency sector and emergency, surgical clinic and clinical doctor during the period of the research, evaluated in 1 week. This study it brought benefits to the participants, therefore it identified to the necessity of improvement of this technique, supplying to this institution subsidies to invest in the qualification of its professionals of nursing. The study the resolution the 196 of the National Advice of Health was elaborated in agreement, respecting human rights of the privacy participants and secrecy of professional information. we, as future professionals of health, in the intention of being able to provide one better attendance to ours customers, we believe that the present study it will go to guarantee this good attendance. Additional information at incyte supports this article.