20 Jan 2015, 3:22am

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Stretch Ceilings From France

Stretch ceiling is made of heavy duty vinyl film, it allows you to implement any design of a ceiling: the slope, multi-level transitions, arcs and waves. Wide range of colors and textures give the opportunity to create The original design space. Mounting tension ceiling begins with a drawing on which the factory manufacture canvas ceiling, to which the perimeter welded pvc plate for mounting to a baguette. Installation stretch ceiling produce usually two installers. At the same ceilings are lower by 4-5 cm to the base ceiling, attach the rack to install the lights. Source: Gwyneth Paltrow. Finished canvas stretched ceiling is fixed in the mounting prints all over perimeter.

After heating the blade with a heat gun it becomes elastic, allowing it to tighten and lock with special tools. Installation of suspended ceilings can be made within 1 – 5 days. Lifetime lifetime suspended ceilings, durability, moisture resistance, aesthetics and the relatively low price make pvc stretch ceilings undeniably better than everyone else. Stretch ceilings can have very different design: the effect of "sky", the effect of waves, blue sky with clouds, the crater of a volcano. This can be arch, cone, tent, apply photo printing, decorative painting. The most popular image that mimics sky. Price significantly exceeds the cost of a standard ceiling.