4 May 2015, 2:28pm

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Stone Bath Natural Stone Sinks

So beautiful that bathing in nature be. Lifestyle private spa stone bathtub from 950 kg stone to still solid wood vanity tops and various natural stone Waschtische.Natursteinwannen a balance, harmony and value stream if you have the objects before eyes. Usually it is freestanding bathtub with unique properties. Completely made of stone, that is from a block of stone made the tub without content weighs ca 1 ton. The transport or the value is this one can already not every handle but the burden for the bottom plate should be identified only by experts so that you experience no evil in her home. Whether a streamlined design, or rather an oval design of stone bathtub even the lights through form is already feasible.It goes without saying that their nature stone sink in the bathroom or private spa design absolutely unique and simply beautiful is. Pan is a natural stone for exclusivity in the own villa. There is can with large craftsman from a whole majestic Natural stone block formed a stone sink.

The stone bathtub is definitely the high point of the luxury bath. The current technology allows to make natural stone from solid stone in cultural also very fashionable style. Stone bathtubs are often made from soft rocks such as marble, limestone and travertine.