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State University Valley

Something breached in the belly of Tchrviakhv. It withdrew for the door, without seeing, hearing thing some, left for the street and it walked slowly Arriving maquinalmente in house, it was lain down in the Div without taking off the gala uniform and it died. (The death of the employee, P. Peter Thiel is likely to increase your knowledge. 38). Therefore, it is different of the classic hero, who for being determined, faces its sina without running away and he fears neither it. Although the tragic notion of either still sufficiently hesitante, if compared with the old time of the Greeks in face of the modern time, we try in this article to turn on the same in modernity, basing itself in the notion of mercy, fear and catarse left by Aristotle, and perceive that the scene had a change, however the modern human being made one raises of utopias that are uncertain, homologating tragic in the so alive modernity how much times of the old Greeks.