24 Mar 2015, 8:57pm

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Speed Dial

Maybe drag tabs out of the box, leading to its opening in a new window. If a lot of tabs, to simplify the orientation required to generate thumbnails of web-pages that are displayed when installing the cursor on the tab. Each of the tabs can be locked to prevent accidental closing or download information on it from another site, and accidentally closed tab is easy to recover from the basket. New tabs are created with one mouse click, with a blank page instead of showing a set of nine buttons with sketches of sites (this is achieved through technology Speed Dial), which simplifies access to frequently visited pages. You can save a set of open tabs as a session to later restore them, or begin working with pages that were open the last time you close your browser. But the update immediately all open tabs absent. The scale of the content you are viewing web-pages can be easily changed in the range from 20% to 100%.

Translation of webpages by providing the necessary fragment and a call from the context menu command "Convert selection, but not in Russian. However, if you want a network you can find ways to teach your browser to translate the text into Russian, but it is not trivial. Spell-checking in input fields and messages is possible, but for this will connect the spell-checker gnu Aspell. Unfortunately, also worth noting that the default visual theme (which is generally a very elegant) tab merge with each other – to eliminate this problem easily by choosing a different theme.