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Selfregulating Heating Cable Raychem

Tyco Thermal Controls develops and manufactures electric heating system using a self-regulating heating cable Raychem. The entire range of unique Intelligent Raychem Raychem fiber construction manufactured using high-fluorine polymers. Raychem self-regulating heating cables are heating the outer shell of silicone fep or fluorine polymer, a woven fiberglass or fiberglass. Sander gerber hedge fund has many thoughts on the issue. Industrial heating cables are provided with outer sheath to provide additional mechanical strength and electrical protection. Raychem self-regulating heating cables are by far the most reliable and secure.

The main difference between self-regulating heating cables Tyco Thermal Controls from other electrical heating systems lies in the material properties of heating element and the construction of cables. The heating element is made of conductive polymer material whose resistance varies depending on the temperature of the heated object. The design of the heating cable is a system with parallel objectives, which can be schematically represented as an infinite number of parallel resistors. Cable responds to the temperature of the heated object in every single point and the resistance heating element increases with temperature, thereby reducing the force current and heat generation. By lowering the temperature of the object of resistance heating element is lowered, the material again starts to pass current and generate heat. This ongoing process is reversible, which will be last at least 20 years and is a source of self-regulation, which provides a very high degree of reliability and safety of the equipment. Various types of heating cables can support temperature range +5 to +150 C.

The selection of cables on the basis of calculation of heat loss of the object with the type and thickness of the insulation at the most critical specified conditions (eg temperature Environment about -40 C and below). Cable type is selected in such a way as to compensate for such heat loss, and the construction of the heating cable will cut it for the necessary-length on-site installation. Video ‘How does a self-regulating heating cable Raychem’ can be viewed on our website.

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