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Registered Firm

The cost of servicing the real estate utilities in the summer, usually 30-40, and in the winter of 80-90 dollars per month, depending on the type of heating established in a rented apartment (house). You may want to negotiate with the bank to write off the money without further authorization on the basis of the accounts of public utilities. The value of local taxes are different from the local community, as typically range from 10 to 100 Euros per year. As an option we are considering purchasing property or acquiring one – two sites on an individual, or for the purpose of investment, profit and income – Registered in Hungary, a legal person, institution for his assets, the acquisition of this real estate firm and passing them out. Maintenance, production and delivery of reporting zero firm in 2008, stands in Hungary country about 100 euros in the quarter. The highest ratio trudozatratyekonomicheskaya efficiency – the firm, the balance of which is a residential apartment. Pa most data for the 2nd quarter 2008, accounting such firms, with the movement of funds to, utility payments, loan repayment, the advent of the rent is 100 euros per month.

Important information about Hungary. When conducting business in Russia we sometimes resort to replenish working capital by gratuitous or onerous conditional loan from the Founder, who then did not return. BP in the territory when you make donations by the Founder charged 11% duty. If you cancel the debt of losing her daughter – a tax on profits.

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