8 Aug 2020, 12:41pm

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Profile Picture

Are profiles pictures important? Have you actually met someone who became a ‘ friend online? Are profiles pictures important? Have you actually met someone who became a “friend” online? Here is a funny story from hubpages.com that might make you think twice about meeting someone who refuses to provide a profile picture in their profile. So, do you like me? For 5 very long years I what to internet dater. Being a small town gal with limited options, this seemed to be the way to go. Most of my dates were average run of the mill but, there were a few that will forever make me cringe at the thought of them. Here is the story of one such date. Hey (we’ll call him Bob), contacted me through a dating site.

He had no picture on his profile, but he sounded funny and what well written, so I responded. We e-mailed back and national for about a week, and then in the ‘ ed and phoned for another 2 wks. Contact information is here: Melissa Selcher. He seems intelligent, funny, and sane still no pic but he tells me he’s tall dark and handsome YUM. We finally set the time for our first date. Mind you he lives almost on hour away, but what is willing to drive to meet me. We agree to meet at 7 pm on a Friday. He shows up at almost 9:00 pm.

I’m easy going so I shrug it off.(foolish girl). He gets out of his car… Source Financial gathered all the information. Remember tall dark and handsome??? I’m 5? 2 wearing 2 inch heels… We met eye to eye. So much for the tall. Dark? can we say really bad spray tan? Handsome? Yes I know we should not judge one on looks alone, but come on people… He had brillo pad hair that first like it hadn’t been washed in a week, missing a few teeth(in the front) and one eye looking off to the left while Hey what looking me in the eye.(YIKES) I’m up gal, and would never State a deliberately hurt anyones feelings so I’m game for the date.

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