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Positions TIC

Many clever articles have been written on this subject, but the real experience is much more valuable. I do not pretend to be the ceo and the pros in this blog I share personal experiences and his thoughts on the subject. You can correct the author, if you decide to I'm somewhere wrong or badly mistaken in his conclusions. Share your experiences and desirable that this was just your sad experience or success is not important. Search Engine Yandex tic and its insane! Calculation algorithm Yandex particles on its validity and relevance is considerably inferior Google pr. Yes, and the results of Jascha not impressive, however, is the largest Russian-language search engine and it should not be ignored.

With regard to lifting the particles Yandex everything here is just a "run" on the directories and bulletin boards are guaranteed yields particles of 10-30. The Google search engine and its great pr! Search engine Google is the biggest search engine on this planet and this multilingual search engine. Google audience is huge according to the company comScore in December 2008 about 776 million people. This potential visitors to the site indexed by this search engine. At pr Google affects not only the number of external links, but quality content, site compatibility, and much more. If you want to raise the pr of your site think about as texts.

Of great importance is the uniqueness of the text, if you decide to write an article making minor changes, this option will not work. Tex should be totally unique! Methods gray promotion, "Run" from catalogs, etc. not effective. The conclusion is simple, if you want to have a high position in search engines Google, do really high-quality website. Website development satellites and doorways. This method of raising the tic and pr refers to the gray methods of site promotion and in the case of a competent implementation gives very good results for both Google, and for Yasha. It is rumored that for such methods of promotion site sanctioned by the search engines. In the flesh to the complete exclusion. It's all a complete f-I and delirium. Search engines do not penalize sites for external effects. Explain Imagine you are the owners of the big information portal, and you have a crowd of competitors. Question, why would not they advertise your wonderful saytik crooked doorway made or satellites with a repulsive content also "to the heap can still drive, and the forums)). Conclusion, if ever it will "ban" the entire Internet to become a battleground between the sites of competitors.