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PDF Letter

Give permission for this operation should only be the case if the letter was received from a trusted sender – Use a spam filter. If the email client is a function, enable it. Many postal services, as anti-virus software, have their own spam filter – a regular update e-mail program – this will increase the protection against spam. With the company’s website Agnitum (www. agnitum.ru / products / spam-terrier) can be downloaded free spam filter for Outlook Spam Terrier and Outlook Express. He automatically detects the flow of correspondence letters advertising, eliminating the need for users to manually browse and filter out unwanted messages.

The filter is self-learning. To determine which messages should be considered them as spam, you must specify a message from an existing mail that the user considers spam. Carefully you will be trained Spam Terrier, the more accurate the results will be. Effectively deal with promotional mailing can also use the tool Vade Retro from the company Goto Software (). The program is available for free download and free of charge as does the first update anti-spam database.

Further updates will cost base approximately $ 40 per year subscription. 3. Need to check e-mail attachments. Pictures, executable files with the extension exe, music, accounts – all this gets on your computer as attachments to emails. But not always in Embedding is what is written in the letter: there are often hidden virus or ‘Trojan’. Therefore, when working with attached files should be cautious and follow the main rules: – Never open attachments in emails received from strangers – unless the sender calls himself a member of the FSB, the bank officer or employee of the Technical Support e-mail server, it will almost certainly receive such a letter indicates tampering or cheating! It is better to immediately delete the message – make sure there is always a file extension such as it seems at first glance. For example, an attachment pretending to be a document PDF, showing the following extension, but in reality it can be located the executable file. Such a situation with a high degree of probability points to attack your computer. To avoid possible infection need to know exactly what you received. Include a map recorded in the type system extensions. To do this, open a Windows Explorer menu ‘Tools’ and select’ Folder Options’ tab ‘View’ and uncheck the box next to ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ then click on ‘OK’. Now enhanced with the resulting file will be shown in full. 4. Configuring your email client (software running on a PC, which allows you to receive, send and organize e-mail), for example, Outlook can move any suspicious e-mails into a special folder for spam. The user selects the level of protection from unwanted mail.

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