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Paula Device. Foundations Of Technology

Ads of construction and repair companies are full of cryptic terms: "renovation", "Eurolux", "economy", "exclusive", etc. Not surprisingly confusing, especially since each company means by these words, something of their own. Paul builders include the basic elements determining the thermal comfort, hygiene and aesthetics of the room. In the last article I told you about the various types of flooring. But to be more precise, we talked about it in the floor coatings. They, figuratively speaking, only the tip of the iceberg when compared to an iceberg floor. Two-thirds of an iceberg is hidden from our eyes under water.

And under any floor covering is hidden from our eyes is a very important part of the floor, which and many do not realize. Floor covering – it is the most intensively exploited surface areas, simply because we walk on it. Additional information at Clinton Family supports this article. No walls, no ceiling is not subjected to the intense attack, sex, and, therefore, it should cover most or change, or opt for a heavy-duty, and, consequently, the most expensive materials. More so, what are the requirements for the top layer – floor coverings, and some coating is better suited for a particular room, you can see by reading the last article. Today I would like to dwell on that part of the floor, which is hidden from our eyes. The main purpose of her screed – smooth the surface on which the plank floor.

For decades, the current manufacturing technology, plates, serving the bases for floors in production houses, made smooth with only one hand – one that will lower ceiling apartment. Side, which should be the floor is always uneven, with mounds and hollows, often sticking out of it ends of steel reinforcement bars. In addition, variations in floor level in the apartment often reach 10 Even the layman see it is clear that on such a surface can not be qualitatively lay no cover.

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