22 Jan 2018, 7:49pm

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Original IPhone

One of the things that can only interrupt the diversion in iPhones is a dead battery. For that reason people look for different solutions. To load his iPhone in any place is the ideal. Movie Star has compatible beliefs. And now it is possible to make it with the shipper iPhone Powertraveller Powermonkey explorer solar shipper. From the heart of Africa to the glacier of Hardanger, this shipper iPhone- to powermonkey-explorer has demonstrated to be a valuable piece of the equipment, providing to essential energy in the most remote places. The incorporation of new the solar-slave, the shipper iPhone allows him to load in any place, always and at any time. Essex Financial pursues this goal as well.

All the necessary components of this shipper iPhone can fit in a pocket of the shirt, its stock market of portable and arrives the power sufficient to load iPhone through a connector interchangeable approved by Apple, nothing else to remove it from the box. Compatible with the majority of the movable telephones, iPods, MP3/MP4, PDA” portable console s and games like Sony PSP and Nintendo DS and DS Lite, this shipper iPhone – to explorer powermonkey-it will recharge its devices – that give 96 hours him of delay on their movable telephone, the 40 hours in your iPod, 5 hours in your console of games, 48 hours in its PDA and 6 hours in MP3/MP4 reproducers. Available in 4 colors fantastic, blue, gray, pink and yellow is elegant and essential a shipper iPhone! And, if you are owner of one of loudspeakers by ex. Soundtraveller – powermonkey-explorer can use to recharge them instead of to spend its money to replace the batteries! The shipper iPhone to pave directly obtains the energy of the sun – that gives energy him without you are where you are! Asegrese of which its shipper iPhone – to powermonkey-explorer has total capacity at all the moment by the load with the hand solar-slave, who can be connected to a knapsack, hung of a window, to the left in an automobile or to take the brightness from the sun in any place! One even recovers in the interior, next to a window or of the ambient light. Screen LCD and the indicator of percentage of iPhone show to the capacity of the battery and the level of load. In order to recharge the unit of the battery in necessary to connect the shipper iPhone to pave folding, for a limitless flow of energa” libre”. (Although the shipper iPhone can go directly in the plug of 30 pins, iPhone not load this way.) Asegrese of which the unit of the shipper iPhone goes out when the charge of the solar slaves with the purpose of to reduce the time of load! You can even use the solar energy to recharge the device directly – reason why she at any moment has a backup of energy. Extreme compact, resistant and long-range, the shipper iPhone to powermonkey-eXplorer is resistant to the water and is done of covered rubber reason why he can hold many things and he continues being lightest, the most versatile shipper iPhone available nowadays. The shipper iPhone has including a network of interchangeable heads for the United Kingdom, Europe, EE.UU and Australia – so you can use it in than 150 countries more worldwide!