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Microsoft Office

But it is. Apple has its own office suite – IWork, the latest version of iWork 09. And it comes with your Mac for free. It is very easy to use and compatible with all MS Office file formats up to 2007 version for Windows (except format Office 95). People are accustomed to work in Microsoft Office 2000-XP-2003, I suggest using NeoOffice 3.0. This package supports all formats of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and many more. Interface as similar to Microsoft Office 2003 for Windows.

By the way OpenOffice also has a version for MacOS – the last to date – 3.1. NeoOffice and OpenOffice are free of charge. So the question processing Documents resolved long ago. Myth 8 A Mac mouse and touchpad with one button It was a long time, and even MacOS support third-party mouse with 2 or 3 buttons. Now Apple itself produces mice in which four logical buttons (right + left + ball instead of a scroll wheel mouse + compression on each side) Myth 9 iPhone is not certified in Ukraine in March 2009, iPhone 3G was UkrSEPRO.

Although officially in Ukraine, he has not yet sold. Myth 10 iPhone does not support / can not … Functional capabilities of this device are endless. The only thing that can fix this hardware features such as lack of autofocus or flash. Everything else is added by rewriting the software and install third-party Software. Thus, iPhone today supports MMS, video, file transfer on bluetooth, birthday reminders, sending sms and contacts, all video and audio formats, use it as a modem, 3D gaming, viewing and document editing, reading books (including pdf and fb2), and much more. Myth 11 The original iPhone does not work in Ukraine, and cracked is not stable and slowly work If your iPhone even bought abroad, but without blocking under the concrete operator, he initially worked for us and once supported the Russian Language. But for a more complete adaptation, Caller ID with and without three of the early numbers, and other functions, the phone must be unlocked. Unlocked or hacked phones sewed the original firmware, and they work just as well as unbroken. Hacking is to open the user access to the entire file system and granting him the right changing system files and settings. Because of this, and then installed patches and software. Phone may fail to start in the result of poor installation program or the user’s actions. Myth 12 The iPhone has a weak battery, and it can not replace the iPhone 3G battery is quite powerful. 950mAch capacity, but the unit is extremely low power consumption, allowing him to work up to 5 h talk time on 3G and up to 10 hours at off 3G, networks in EDGE. This is a very a good indicator, especially given the size of the screen. Replace it easily, just need to unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone. The cost also is not terrible – about 20 25ue for the original battery.