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Literary Nature

The Social and Literary Nature of After-modernity the objective biggest of the present work is to present the theoretical parameters from which we argue the thematic one of the study that we develop here. In order to reach a bigger understanding of our object of study, we consider necessary to point out the cited parameters in two important contexts, one of description-cultural nature, another one of aesthetic nature. Our procedure is based on the fact of both the contexts to be perceived intrinsically interrelacionados. But for a didactic question, them they are found treat here in two subitens, separate only in reason of the given privilege the certain aspects of the specific nature of each one. 2. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Essex Financial and gain more knowledge.. the 1 After-modern Society the after-modern society is presented excessively ambiguous and of difficult understanding even though for the scholars of the subject that feels difficulty in systemize many of the related aspects it. Of it if it says to be a society marked for the advances of the technology, of the media and the production of consumption good.

With base in Connor (1989), the reality, in this new model of life, is forged every day in soap operas and the citizen after-modern does not know more to separate the Real of the fictitious one. The production in mass and the vindication to the desregrado consumption have created still a society that does not obtain to enxergar its first necessities, having transformed what he is superfluous in well essential. For the same author, we live in after-culture society, that is, in an entailed the all type of overcoming, fruit of a moment after-Holocausto, postindustrial culture, after-humanist, after-cultural, resultant of the fall of invigorating paradigms until the initial years of century XX. In the truth, we have two sides of the prefix after and the debates on this subject are many and controversial.

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