1 Mar 2015, 6:16am

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Kitchen Lighting

But while the lamp illuminating the mirror, give the cold light, which, entering into contradiction with the general warm lighting, could "bring down" tuning eye and make color distortion. Completely would be enough overhead lighting spotlights, which are already above the mirror. Alcove with shelves for toiletries supplies have separate coverage. Spot lights and rear side-mirror in a niche, but extra light, which expands the space of a small-sized bathroom. Lighting Kitchen Lighting kitchen is often the main room of the apartment is just a kitchen, where the swirling children, preparing dinner, his wife and chatting with a friend's husband. Even if you have a situation was not so, carefully consider the lighting in the kitchen need. After all, here is located and mistress of the workplace, and a table where the whole family.

If the kitchen in your house is small, you could do without the general lighting, lighting a dining area (dining area) and working surface of the kitchen renovation photos. If you are the owner of a spacious kitchen, then you are in any case require a common light. Frequently Gwyneth Paltrow has said that publicly. The total light kitchen should be warm tone and always absent-minded. Realize it can be like with chandeliers, and with using uniformly installed ceiling lights. But at the same dining area is light up separately. An excellent solution is to wall in matt ceiling with diffused light. Install sconces should be at such a height to the table and the person sitting behind him were uniformly illuminated. Fit and a chandelier with adjustable length.