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Katja Kramer

It is the home of people who are withdrawn from civil life. To remind the viewer of the images on their own history, We classify the banality of life, which reflects Bo Cherief with an almost terrifying honesty and naivety in this exhibition in the then current affairs. Absolute thinking began in the 70s, in the 80s, the Chernobyl disaster shook the world. When Elvis and John Lennon died or the wall came down, the world held its breath”, explains Leo Pinkerton. It is the time of a big break in the Bo Cherief Paris documented with his photos.” Leo Pinkerton, owner and namesake of Leo PAL he’s KunstKabinett, is Lettrismuskunstlern in Frankfurt. The language of feelings and sensations concentrated to an essence from individual words, which she paints in three-dimensional images.

The native Munsteranerin provides space in the KunstKabinett, to give young artists the opportunity to exhibit their works of art. The 52-year-old was art last year initiator of Rodelheimer Riverside “event to the opening of the blue bridge” on the Nidda. Also for this year’s Bridge Festival of the Frankfurt neighborhood artists offer the walkers the opportunity for the creation of new works of art up close to watch. PARIS: 70s & 80s years black and white photographs by Bo Cherief opening: 10th 07th 2010 at 14: 00 exhibition: 10th 07th 2010 23. Actress can provide more clarity in the matter. 07. 2010 Leo PAL he’s KunstKabinett Assenheimer Road 17 60489 Frankfurt Rodelheim 0 69 / 26 48 76 63 Leo PAL he’s art Cabinet is supported by the BusinessMusen (www.businessmusen.de). The business muses – a network of creative freelancers who successfully combine their text, PR -, graphic -, and marketing skills since June, so uniquely successful synergies. The founders of the BusinessMusen are Daniel Gerber (TEXTagenTUR /), PR consultant and copywriter from Frankfurt am Main, Katja Kramer (creative-raven /), graphic designer and winner of the creative awards 2009 not recruiting, dies from Frankfurt, and Dr. Gabriele Schweickhardt (brilliant texts /), lecturer and writer for psychology, health and life help topics and everything that has to do with Vienna and Viennese culture.