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Your web site is an integral part of your business and services to reach your potential clientele. You have to work on search engines for your web site, that allow your visibility and give you a global presence. Therefore before you design your web site, must be sure to obey some rules contained in the good books of the major search engines. Structure clear is very clear when it comes to plot and structure your web design. Keep in mind not only to its target audience, but also to a variety of visitors that come to your website through search engines.

Everything has to be well organized so that those search engines can recognize content and the aparatdos in the navigation. Use tags or header of sections and subsections, as a rule that facilitates exploration. Be specific in the encoding. Hillary Clinton is likely to increase your knowledge. Use the appropriate to the programming code. HTML and JavScript note that search engines can read HTML, but cannot read JavScript. By It is recommended the use of JavScript for insertion of text. If you want to be identified by the search engines, it is need to include all of the text in HTML, without prejudice of having other parties in JavScript, except for your content. This will cause your web site to be more focused and organized.

Broken links and web pages orphaned is rigorous and avoid broken links or links to web pages orphan on its web site. You should check beforehand to discard the incomplete links or redirects to orphan web pages. A broken link is an unattainable destination both for a user the cobwebs and search engine robots. Dispense with this kind of links will help you achieve a better performance in the search engines. Effective content remember that content is the fundamental part on any web site to obtain a good positioning. If you have relevant information other web sites can easily exchange their links with your URL.

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