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Internet Web-studio

Portfolio of web-studio, in which collected a lot of quality to do a project, developed sites for well-known companies – this is a good signal to potential customer. This indicates that the web-studio has the creative resources, knowledge, technologies and practices web-development. Simple – look in the portfolio of projects. If completed projects that you can see you like, if You would be interested to visit similar projects, then maybe you found the right artist, a suitable web-studio. Second. Number of people in the studio. It is also worth to ask of people who will drive your project, work on creating your web-site. In the well-known companies (see, successful, trusted by clients) on a project does not work one or two people.

In good companies on the project web-site works project manager, designer, web-master, programmer, content manager and it’s only a “gentlemen’s minimum.” Indeed, experience shows that one person is difficult to be both a programmer and designer and contracts and all other documents to. Many good web-studios, one project may not work more than 10 people If you offer a web-site, and over it will work one or two people – think about it, maybe you “will be given a” site template which practically does not differ from hundreds of the same pattern and unattractive sites on the web. Probably not worth spending time on the development of what soon will have to redo again You may want to make one times, but do it well? Third. What people say about us? What is its history. When you contact any company, ask how old the company is working on the market of web-development. Age is certainly not the most important factor, however, this is an indicator of what services the company claimed in a long time and the company serves many customers over the long term. In addition, – is, to some extent, index of experience in web-development, the rate of company knowledge.

If the web-studio on the market, for example, more than 5 years – it’s pretty good signal. Fourth. Additional services. Pay attention to what services offers web-studio. Usually, good companies offer a wide spectrum of services. It’s not just web-development, often good companies offer web-consulting, outsourced programming, branding. Pay attention to the availability of these highly specialized services – they are quite demanding and require significant resources that can not afford many. Fifth. Looks like your own web-site studio? The studio, which create web-sites, the Internet has its own web-site. Must posetitete him look at it in terms of usability, information content and quality. Do you like the speed of his work? In addition, it is desirable to visit and office. Good office in a convenient location can be an indirect signal that the company has customers and it can make a decent product. Here are a few of the major factors that you should pay attention to when choosing the Executive at building a website. These factors will help you quickly determine how web-studio suitable for creating your Web site.