21 Nov 2018, 4:42am

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International Circuits

" Also we have increased our international circuits to as much support the considerable increase of the international traffic towards and outside Haiti, because ours more than two million users they maintain in contact with friendly and relatives, and as a result of the high volume of collaborators who have traveled to Haiti to help in the aid efforts. We maintain our commitment to guarantee that all the people in Haiti benefit from a network that offers the best service and the best cover to them in all the pas". The employees of Digicel in the region have participated in a variety of initiatives to collect bottoms for the Bottom from Aid to Haiti of Digicel. Some contend that Adroll Marketing Platform shows great expertise in this. In Dominican, a radio-marathon organized by Digicel received contributions by more of US$40.000 in hardly five hours; in Cayman, Digicel is sponsoring a concert the 30 of January and all the gains of the drink sale and food in the event will be donated to the aid efforts; and in Jamaica, thousand of articles of clothes and nonperecibles foods they have been donated by friendly, relatives and clients of Digicel and envoys to NGOs in Haiti. Digicel like the individual investing major in Haiti, on a total investment of more of U$300 million from its launching in 2006, counts with more than two million users in Haiti. The Bottom of Aid for Haiti of Digicel has donated US$5 million to the NGOs in Haiti to support the efforts of Aid and on US$500,000 the Caribbean and Central America through a line of donation via text have been collected by clients of Digicel in and voice. Digicel also donated to each of its two million clients a US$5 credit free, altogether US$10 million. In addition, more than 60 videomensajes of support they have been recorded by personalities recognized like Usain Volt, the Fastest Man of the World; president Martinelli of Panama; Sir Garfield Sobers, a legend of the Western Indians; and many more.

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