19 May 2021, 6:03pm

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A survey made in at& T, exaggerates of the telecommunications in U.S.A., identified a deficiency daordem of billions of code lines. A time that the demand is sempreaumentando, looks ways to develop systems maisrapidamente, what it is generating a series of new etcnicas methodologies of construction of systems (for example, tools MARRIES). APOO, through the reusabilidade of code, brings a imensanesta contribution area, making possible the development of new sistemasutilizando much existing code already. The biggest contribution parareusabilidade of code is presented by the inheritance.Escalabilidade can be seen as the capacity of aplicaocrescer easily without increasing demasiadamente its complexity to oucomprometer its performance. The POO is adjusted to the development degrandes systems a time that can be constructed and be extended one sistemaagrupando objects and making to change them messages between itself. This vision desistema is uniform, either for small or great systems (logically, the due ratios must be kept). Oencapsulamento provides to ocultamento and protection of the information.

Accesses the objects only can be carried through through mensagensque it are qualified to receive. No object manipulardiretamente can the internal state of another object. In way that, if houvernecessidade to modify the properties of an object or implementaode some method, the other objects will not suffer no impact, desdeque the interface remains identical. This diminishes to a large extent osesforos expended in maintenance. Moreover, to use umobjeto, the programmer does not need to know the deep a suaimplementao. The polimorfismo more becomes the program enxuto, and clearly easy to understand. Without polimorfismo, they would be necessriaslistas enormous of methods with different names but to comportamentosimilar. In the programming, the choice of one enters some methods very seriarealizada by structures of multiple choice (it marries) great.

Emtermos of maintenance, this means that the program maisfacilmente will be understood and modified. The inheritance also becomes more easy amanuteno. If a necessary application of additional algumafuncionalidade, is not necessary to modify current code.

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