13 Jul 2011, 10:08am

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Information Site

Information. Even if not for professional work, we still like zombies 'stuck' in speeding ribbon event, the thread completely useless information, advertising, zavlekalova and other stuff. All advertising is – is not it? Even our clothing and behavior all the time that it advertises. Themselves, style, fashion, manners … What is already talking about the information environment – on the Internet.

One gets the impression that there is information imperceptibly turned into advertising. Like free, accessible, but at the same time, low-standard. Also, sorry for the time that all taken away from other activities. Every day the Internet becomes like a garbage pit. Number of websites grows inexorably. Not really straining can create a site for the day, there nakopirovat information – and you're done. A little effort in the promotion and now he was hanging out under my feet along with the rest look like junk, every time getting into our search for a nuisance. Unique information, which is really necessary – is diluted to such an extent that it still needs to identify a person to get to the source.

Slowly even create immunity, mind filters out most, abstracted from all that fuss. Antibodies triggered a sense of self-preservation instinct. In such harsh conditions necessary to create information sites. I had to give this case most of the time. I began with 09 regional site of Vinnitsa. In the network there are lots of directories, but want to experiment first and foremost for myself, to gather the required information in one place. Doing purely informational site Directory 09 Vinnitsa. Much he like – just a minimum of publicity. Find the right choice by rating, address search, but that's another story. Information – not advertising, but the possibility of a correct choice (I hope the phrase will be cruise) …