4 Mar 2021, 6:26pm

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IEDs Production

As you can see there is a lot of agreements generated between Venezuela and Cuba with a full scope, subject to ideological and diplomatic relations between the two which has as objective the creation of a Socialist International trade where the capital is not the end and where solidarity integration is the main factor. But despite this theory, the scope of these agreements leave possibilities that Venezuelan entrepreneur has the opportunity to generate return on investment if This decodes how to do it. An example of this is the of the Office economic business of the Embassy of Spain in Havana where it says: in total, Spain currently has 77 international economic associations (AEI) in force and 29 contracts of production cooperated. If the main Spanish investment by committed amount is in the tobacco sector, the sector that has given rise to more general interest is tourism, where there are 13 AEI signed to build hotels and numerous management contracts (sometimes financed the construction and renovation of facilities and equipment). According to official sources, 12 foreign companies that invest in the tourism sector in Cuba, 9 are Spanish. Most used partnership is the joint venture. In the last six months we have opened three luxury hotels managed by two Spanish companies already installed on the island. Other important sectors are construction, with 12 IEDs (most of them in the real estate sector, in which there was a great interest when you) permitted investment, currently closed), light industry (printing, furniture, cleaning products and Perfumery, etc.), with 11 associations, basic industry (cement, fertilizers, oil prospecting, manufacture of flat glass, paintings, etc.) with 9, agriculture (especially tobacco, followed by protected crops, production of wines, etc.) with 5 and other sectors varied as air cargo and aircraft maintenance, production of sausages, distribution and channeling drinking water, communications, financial sector, etc.oficinascomerciales.. .

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