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Graphic Design

The graphic composition gathers and sorts elements on an empty surface, to achieve a practical and aesthetic result. This is the Mission of a graphic designer, whose specialty is applied in the conduct of any medium printed, audiovisual or interactive; It’s an essential art that requires great intellectual capacity and good taste. The graphic designer must be detailed, careful and possessor of a high sensitivity and knowledge of the environment in which it operates. The graphic composition is the art and technique of projecting and have various elements that make up a visual communication. The new generation of graphic designers is undoubtedly clever and creative, but often predominates in them the passion for the wonders that are able to perform desktop publishing programs, leaving aside what must truly be more important in his work: the message. If you would like to know more then you should visit Clinton Family. We often browse magazines where we find a carousel of ads really flashy, by the deployment of effects and colorful than show; but, the truth is that, one will hardly be in the memory of the reader.

This is due to the disproportionate application of digital, blurred effects, perspectives, distortions, shadows, transparencies and decorative fountains, which distract the mind of the spectator, away from the information that is supposed to must contain these ads. This phenomenon is not exclusive of print media, just as manifested in outdoor advertising, websites and even on television. Palpable example are the banners; and in this case the reaction is even worse: ensues as annotated blindness to the banners. The cybernauta, by a conditioned reflex, automatically focuses its attention to the content of the page that interests you, absolutely, ignoring the look at these ads. This unconscious effect precisely derived from the user experience on the Internet.

What initially could be interesting, is now something annoying and monotonous, so we insensibilizamos to that type of stimulus. Of course, there is always exceptions. For example, the novice user Yes pays attention to banners, but someday will cease to do so. Constitute a particular case pages devoted exclusively to the promotion and sale of specific items, who with an intelligent design based on banners, manage to capture the attention of your visitors, just because there banners are the central content of the information. In conclusion, one of the causative factors of these products, perhaps, is the haste, urgency, characteristic of our times. This leads us to not think previously, but to sit at your computer once, draw ad measures, paste the logo, type the address, download some clip art and on the fly we will see what comes out! With this modus operandi is lost the essence of nato Designer: sensitivity. Only basic and poor work where is lost until the concept of the image of the product, service or company that we must project are achieved. We must not forget that the graphic designer It is, above all, a visual Communicator.

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