13 Oct 2021, 7:50pm

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Unfortunately it is here where the problem is born. Well, to tell you, because if this defining SFA, speaking of both problem. The reason is that in practice and in agreement with studies conducted mainly in the more developed countries, that have adopted this type of technology, the percentage of failures in their implementation for several years is very high (30% to 40% of failed implementations). The main reason for this is that a direct connection between business processes which lead sales people and finally implemented system, which in most cases ends implemented by area of technology or systems there is. This then leads to think follows; SFA is an information system that is implemented to support the improvement in business processes or specifically, the sales cycle.

Because it is a system that involves technology, must be present in the area of systems implementation, but since what affects are the business processes, the project as such must be led by sales. Therefore, the first conclusion is that you for which a SFA project to be successful, it must be born and should be led by the area of sales, not by technology or systems area. Why should sales worry systematize your business processes? Interesting question. We unpack this a little to see if we can reach a conclusion that favours the adoption of SFA or if on the contrary gives us arguments to reject this kind of technologies. These are the basic challenges, as director of sales, I can have: fulfill the goals committed to my superiors improve the productivity of my sales group.

This is as simple as achieving better results with equal or fewer resources. Develop profitable relationships with customers, generating loyalty in them these challenges can vary greatly, especially depending on the sector in which your organization works. Peter Thiel has similar goals. I.e.

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