1 Oct 2017, 2:56am

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"? You can see in these conditions that the existence of "art" is the sign of a forgiving lot to deplore the art history professors and teachers of Aesthetics and is failing in the art. And as a result should be taken into account at least a little, the "manipulation" to form what, in my time, we called the teachers of drawing. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. It remains no less true that training in visual arts but the record is poor, because as we all already know, what counts in France at least, is the noise. The better known you shoot, climb steps of Jacob's ladder, levels and treatments! Below are (almost forgot!), Artists are not very problematic, because they can not cause problems, they do. And it's true: the experience has taught me. Since I was very young. Aime Maeght, was interested in me because I made some embarraduras, and he introduced me in his gallery, Giacometti, Miro, Braque (and still best).

Well, you can not even imagine the intellectual stupidity of these people! Afflicted, but quite normal: they do not want to cause effect on his art. They do, and that, believe me, is a pair of sacred spots (and that not everyone can). What I say is that there are people, like artists, who definitely can not explain what they do, but they do very well. In other words, not because someone can not explain what they do (it would be a very bad teacher! ") That can not show them how to do it.

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