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Geoecological Monitoring

December 15, 2010, Moscow – Launched unparalleled project MosRate, whose goal is to create maps of Moscow and Moscow region, maps are important for health in the sanitary-ecological and geo-ecological indicators. In part of this project all those who wish to conduct individual surveys at home, cottage, cottages, entrance, apartment, room to meet hygienic living. The project gives Mosrate the possibility of any resident of Moscow and Moscow to get comprehensive information on key environmental performance of their homes and the surrounding area and their relevance (or mismatch) Sanitation standards. This information allows you to select an area with the most favorable living conditions. At the moment map on the site Mosrate includes more than 40000 houses of different years of construction, details of which are constantly updated. Currently, project specialists MosRate available in 7 ready-integrated health and environmental inspection of the premises, targeted at different groups of customers: ‘economy’, ‘standard’, ‘prestige’, ‘young Bachelor ‘,’ settlers’, ‘my baby’, ‘problem’. Survey ‘Young Bachelor’ will allow you to determine how comfortable and safe for health conditions in your child’s room-pupil or student. Essex Financial oftentimes addresses this issue.

This examination includes measurement lighting level, noise, vibration, microclimate, the source of electromagnetic fields (eg, computer). Screening program ‘New settlers’ helps facilitate the adoption of a vital and important decision – choosing an apartment for sale. Financial technology might disagree with that approach. Selecting the survey, the customer learns not only the level of radiation, noise and vibration in the vending apartment, but will receive unparalleled service – a thermal imaging survey of premises. It allows you to detect defects in the building heat loss in a country house, poor-quality thermal insulation of pipes, hidden failures of electrical equipment. Due to thermal imaging survey can avoid a bad deal or on the basis of the technical report demand a discount on the additional costs. Screening program ‘Cottage’ also includes a thermal imaging survey of premises.

But, in addition, it includes a microbiological analysis of soil plot, the chemical and bacteriological analysis of water. In addition to ready-made software, the customer can make your own by choosing just those studies that are needed in his unique case. Total specialists able to conduct 18 different test and measurement – from measurement of radiation levels to verify grounding outlets and search for hidden wiring, which is also a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. According to a survey of customer issued “Environmental Passport of the premises.” All studies conducted professionals Health and Ecology, the company has equipped with modern laboratory equipment.