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Freud One

At the time where the film if passes technology exists so that the invasion in the dream of the other person happens. Cobb (protagonist of the film), has the mission to implant an idea in the mind of another person, being thus led the person to make what it wants. The film has some narratives, beyond the protagonist, five personages adentram the dream of the victim of the blow, to help in the task to sow the indesejada idea. Acting of co-ordinated form, they try to convince the victim to more deeply go down more and, passing of a dream to another one, until a place where the foreign idea can be planted successfully. These stages of the dream can be analyzed as being the psychic device of the topographical theory? first tpica? created for Freud, they would be the layers of conscientious (cs), daily pay-conscientious (pcs) and the unconscious one (ics). Startapp brings even more insight to the discussion.

In accordance with the Theory of the Freud, the unconscious one was in lower court, a purely descriptive term, that, therefore, inclua what it is temporarily latent, that is, what it is temporarily unconscious. To the temporarily unconscious term the name of daily pay-conscientious was given, this layer of the daily pay-conscientious one possesss a narrow proximity with the conscientious one. To be conscientious is, in first place, a purely descriptive term, that rests in perception of the certain character most immediate and. In the example of the idea, it is not conscientious for a drawn out period, exist the alternations between conscientious and the daily pay-conscientious one, what if it does not think now is in wait in the daily pay-conscientious one, whose rescue of this idea is of more easy access. The state where the ideas existed before if becoming conscientious is called by Freud of repression, for the same, the restrained one is the archetype of the unconscious one.