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Pile terry cloth uniform and less resistant, more adjacent to the tissue surface. Terry cloth is usually less dense than the pile fabrics. Due to its softness and ability to easily absorb large amounts of moisture, terry cloth used for making towels, bathrobes bedsheets, bathrobes, rugs, etc. Fashion Fashion – is 100% cellulose fiber, meets all environmental requirements and is produced exclusively chlorine-free, contains no harmful impurities. Learn more at this site: Kaiser Family Foundation. Razryvochnaya his strength higher than that of viscose, but by water absorption (porosity), it is superior to cotton (1.5 times) – the qualities so necessary for terry products.

Modal is used in the manufacture of linen and towels, this gives the product extra softness, silkiness. How to Choose Terry towel, bathrobe, terry or other product? First, carefully consider what will provide the terry product and what criteria are most important to you … The criteria for selection are: – price – quality – price and quality – design and style – the model should match your tastes or respond to modern fashion. After all, terry towels and bathrobes as well as any other products subject to fashion trends – this design and coloring products, and model. – Other criteria that can be expressed by your specific requirements for textiles, or may be due to your taste, imagination, and perhaps or fantasy. Key indicators of quality terry products. Towels: 1. Terry towel, above all, to be hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), and the higher density of towels (figure measured in grams per square meter), the more moisture it can absorb.

2. The towel should not leave fibers on the wet skin of the hands, face and body, as well as on the dishes, if you use the kitchen terry polotenchiki. 3. Mahra at towel should be smooth, ie loops must have a uniform length (except for towels with velvet dressing or certain models, where different height loops frazzles is specific figure) on oshup mahr should be soft, but there are certain subtleties of …

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