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Famous Brands

Origin of the name then famous brands I present the origin of famous brands. What gave rise to its name. Some very curious be sure to read it. Amazon: The company name should start with A, since Internet search engines gathered the results of searches in alphabetical order. Amazon was the name that they liked: more bandwidth in the world, it’s the river but it is not only that, as also it is ten times more bandwidth than its immediate competitor. On 9 February 1995, the Amazon.com name was registered in a Delaware corporation, and became the first brand that was recorded with the tagline .com.

Apple: Was the first computer company to break with the robust visual genre of IBM. Steve Jobs decided to sell computers with the name of this fruit, in homage to the record label of the Beatles, which was called in the same way. In addition, Macintosh is a Californian Apple variety. Aspirin: The video syllable indicates the presence of acid Salicylic, derived from the botanical family Spiraea. Acetyl contributed A prefix and suffix in created a word that could spell the same way in German and English. It happened in the year 1898.

Audi: Audi comes from the translation of the German surname of August Horch, car Designer, into latin, with the meaning of listening. An excellent wine of El Penedes whose vineyards crosses the famous Via Augusta are called with this name. Barbie: Ruth Handlers, watching his daughter Barbara with paper dolls, play see that a good idea would be to manufacture a plastic doll, about thirty centimeters in height, representing a woman between 16 and 20 years, at which girls could dress, combing and transform. Thus the famous Barbie was born in 1959 and its name comes from the name of his daughter.