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Ernest Dichter Design

Or, for example, true connoisseurs of wine who are interested design quality is not cheap stuff kupyatsya to that which the inside. Come to the conclusion that the package must fully comply with the goods. Packaging carries and also communicative function, and this is very important criterion. For alcoholic drinks packaging plays almost dominant role. This is a product that is unthinkable without the packing.

And wonder if you at least occasionally, what motivates man when choosing a drink. Price range here does not even take into account even though it is relevant. And people choose very simply on the basis of several principles: 1. Packaging should be beautiful, 2. Interestingly, 3. Packaging must not be 'container' for product, and if possible to serve the consumer for a long time, performing third-party functions, carrying the outer trappings of a brand. 'Packaging – Ernest Dichter wrote designer, is an expression of our respect for consumer '. Proper design of a positive effect on sales results and the mind of the consumer! Development of packaging design – giving it an additional product of competitive advantage – a bright distinction.

In the first turn when designing packaging for alcoholic beverages must be remembered not only the aesthetic side, but also for protection against counterfeiting. Bright successful incarnation and creation of obstacles to counterfeiters here the main task of the designer. For the first time making a purchase, a customer subconsciously focused on the extent to which stylishly decorated with a drink and meets the graphic design of his notions about the product, that is, how well packaging conveys natural wine, utility or other properties important when selecting the priority product.

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