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Edge Protection Profiles

All measures which prevent a corner or edge itself is damaged, or the prevents that an edge damage to other objects or people is corner and edge protection through flexible protection profiles with polyurethane foams for industrial, craft and commercial bottom corner protection and edge protection in the area of operational safety. Danger labelling of dangerous edge is internationally by diagonal yellow and black or red and white stripes. To the corner and edge protection are expected in this connection for industrial, craft and commercial corner and edge protectors as well as edge protection profiles, which are placed over the corner or edge, corner and edges protection through flexible polyurethane foam protective profiles. Internal transport routes, in camps and areas of production, shock and impact damage are the common causes of costly repairs and maintenance work. Shock injuries again and again provide employee downtime.

Therefore must blackspots such as tubes, corners and edges marked and be protected. With warning and flexible aging-resistant polyurethane foam protective profiles, prevent shock injuries and protect your inventory in a busy warehouse and production areas. The PU profiles can be used on internal transport routes, machines and vehicles or on walls and passages in indoor and outdoor. Public institutions with public can be in many places make sense and protecting a corner or edge protection equip himself with. The warning and protection profiles are made of highly flexible polyurethane foam. They absorb even the hardest shocks and simultaneously warn of hazards at corners, edges, protrusions or obstacles by the Warnmarkierung signal colours. Materials and properties of warning and protection profiles in accordance with BGV A8 have the warning and protection profile visible surfaces with yellow/black or red/white diagonal stripes. It is the use of yellow/black for solid obstacles and red/white for temporary and movable obstacles (E.g. Dolly and material handling equipment) provided. Pipe protection and surface protection profiles are also available as two – and three-dimensional outer corners for the individual protection against injuries from sharp or sharp-edged corners.

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