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Eco-Friendly Material

This is a more eco-friendly material, but a little expensive. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. For an alternative, you can choose the cheaper polymer materials. Mounting material is made after determining the direction of installation. If the windows are located along the walls of the room, it is recommended to do direct laying laminate along the incidence of the rays of the sun. This is due to the fact that the assembly perpendicular to the direction of the light source, a shadow lock laminate will be very noticeable and spoil the appearance. There are many ways to connect Laminate: glue and glueless (castle).

Most used the castle material is divided into two groups, depending on the dock. The first group – collapsible castles. The second group – the lock latch. The difference in these castles – feature in the mounting material. All elements of laminate flooring are glued together using tongue-and-groove construction. Along the upper end of the groove is applied a thin layer of glue and the elements are connected immediately, so that between them there is a gap. Glue to squeeze out of the joints along the length of the laminate.

It is necessary to leave the minimum amount of glue that prevents the penetration of moisture. Adhesive residue to clean. After completing installation laminate traces of glue are removed with a special solution, but not a damp sponge. Laminate flooring is laid so that the first number was a groove to the wall. The next series should start from the truncated part of the front page. The first three strips of laminate need to be viewed using a ruler and string, roofing their first dry without glue. Then, using a special set of tools for checking the distance between the laminate and the compounds were precise and direct, made gluing the first 3 lines of material. On the correct floor of the series depends on the quality of the distance of all tiles. Next stacked floor area left at least two hours for the glue, then you can proceed with the installation laminate. Necessary to provide clearance in doorways, at the junction with other types of floors, as well as around the walls. In rooms with long walls for more than six meters and a width of 5 meters the amount of allowances (together with those who have walls) should be more than 15 millimeters. In areas of more than 10 meters and eight meters wider than necessary to make additional clearances. These fissures can close the special profile. While the glue about twelve hours after the distance laminate, in this time you can pull out the spacer wedges. To complete the load floor is ready in 24 hours.