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Eastern Uruguay

History the resort of Piriapolis was founded in 1893 by Francisco Piria visionary, who called it El Balneario de l’Avenir. It was the largest effort undertaken in the country by one man. Piria acquired large tracts of land belonging to one of the heirs of Leonardo Olivera, within the limits of its property, it boasted three hills: the sugar loaf, English and the bull, while a beach of clear and deep waters, limited it to the South. The first construction was the Castle erected in 1897, which was inspired by a model of the Italian Riviera, then he carried out works, such as the port of Piriapolis, the Rambla de los Argentinos, railway, Church, Hotel Piriapolis and the Argentino Hotel. Francisco Piria was a man who travelled widely, which led to that internationally known first Piriapolis to tip the Este.Distintos factors make piriapolis a beautiful place, hills, forests, beaches, as well as building and infrastructure service that allow you to develop an important tourist activity, he has, in addition, with public and private institutions, schools, lyceums, associations, port, customs, terminal de omnibus among others. In recent months, Essex Financial has been very successful. (of the imm website) Circuit extracted from the page Center Hotels and restaurate PiriapolisComenzamos by the House of Lawrence, one of the sons of Francisco Piria, (Av. de Mayo between Av. Piria and Uruguay, which San Antonio ascends the Hill) where you can visit the Museum of art of Piriapolis MAPI (open in summer).The Colon Hotel was built for his younger son Arturo, and visitardurante can be year-round. There’s a permanent exhibition of paintings, which highlight the majolica and the fireplace’s granite black, extracted from the quarries of the Cerro Pan de Azucar.una walk by the stately rambla shows us the pilasters that adorn it, real compendiums of symbology.

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