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Design Details

The attention should be paied to the design details of conveyor of belt conveyor. 1 Generally, as for the materials to be transported, it is necessary to take the general characteristics, density, maximum size, the problems of oil or chemicals and other problems about the materials into consideration. 2 It is about the maximum carrying capacity or maximum transmission capacity, bandwidth and tape speed.3. The circuit layout of the belt conveyor and the distance between the rotary drum and rotary drum along the belt conveyor tail head. 4 To check out the driving device is equipped with single rotary double rotary drum or drum. If it is double rotary drum, the attention should be paied to the allocation of the total power of the electric motor in the first and second drive rollers; the wrapping angle of conveyor in the drive rollers; the position of the drive device; the start form that is adopted.

5 The drum diameter, which should be determined according to the current requirements of the conveyor.6. There is a need to consider the form, position and tighten trip of the tension apparatus. 7. With regard to the roller, attention should be paied to the form and diameter of the roller, groove angle, distance between rollers (including the transition from the head to the tail section). 8 The feeding device: the number of the Speedball; the length of the chute; the angle between the feeding device and belt.9. When used in a cold climate, it is necessary to pay attention to the expected minimum working temperature. 10 The adopted joint form and cleaning way of the conveyor. Paying attention to the details of design and production proces of belt conveyor helps to guarantee the normal use of the device.

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