5 Oct 2014, 5:49am

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Customer Groups Targeted By The Mobile Operator Mobile

Who would now bring a new brand or a new tariff on the mobile market, it has not been easy. The incumbent cover the “normal” demand from well – with cheap rates, mobile phone and what else you may need. Yet come a month or two new providers who also want to be active in this area and have therefore considered specific concepts to stand out from the mass of the manufacturer. Currently very popular here is the specialization to certain customer groups. T-Mobile has taken with its new discount brand Congstar for example, the frequent callers to the visor.

These customers pay significantly more than normal month for their telecommunications, so it is worthwhile for these customers to complete flat rates. Congstar offers just that – flat rates can be even, as in a modular combined. Who many phone calls to D1, D1 completes a flat rate, who writes a lot of SMS SMS flat rate for D1 and so on. is the minimum period of each flat rate is here a month ago, drops the call volumes we the flat rates unsubscribe quickly. E-Plus has a Ay Yildiz Discount supplier on the market that specializes in Turkish mobile phone customers. Even talks in Germany are quite favorable, the tariff is really interesting, however, if you phone from Germany to Turkey. Then bezaht for example in Turkish fixed-line only 9 cents per minute – less than fats for talks in Germany. As expected in the future to other providers, it will be interesting to see who get special customer groups as their next special rate.

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