30 Jan 2014, 5:11am

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Cosmopolitan Pages

In my opinion magazines era "posleraspadasoyuza" surpassed in bad taste and dirt almost all (yes even all) of their own predecessors. Again, the judge of its own belfry. "Glossy magazines ( what the words interchangeably apparently , ultrarozovy, homosexuality). A set of colorful pictures and photos. They work great staff – paparazzi dtp, Photo designer, from time to time it seems that taking such a magazine in his hands turn over the pages, flipping, and apparently, there is the state of journalists. Texts are poor and uninspiring. 90% of the size of the magazine are pictures of work. Reading an article on some of television fame – photos in the apartment, the photo on the street, pictures of children, etc.

Can perelestnut 10 pages, text and there will be less than in this paragraph you are reading. I once thought about it. Why not enough text? Now digress. To make a fun magazine for guys should for example put all the information about any subject, plot, event, and is better on a proven theme: post test on Chevrolet Niva off-road uaz against Patriotg. Photos needed – 3-4 pieces., "All cars in the dirt, the happy faces of drivers. Text – certainly full details on 8 pages chronicle of what happened.

And surely the comparison in the table technical characteristics of both participants and the results of run. Better yet even specify that someone broke – a special, fundamental part of the successful. And do you think is necessary, that would encourage women to a new magazine? First of all, need more pictures of clothes. Much better to use as models recognizable women, not models that can be actresses, but better politician or tv presenters. They are not models, mannequins, they are people this, they mean they can say, with brains at all of them in the order in which they dress, shoes? The second win-win situation to provide the magazine theme needlework (embroidery, knitting, etc.) Have more pictures! Girls love drawings. Page with the horoscopes do not forget to insert. The girl sees necessarily own symbol read-no doubt. Do not forget the section on flowers, plants, garden design. Everything! Furror guaranteed. For a year! Whole year, you will be on the rise and the magazine will be sold. What later? Nothing! Magazine, and you get tired crush competitors with a fresh pop design. If it is natural there will be no articles – the magazine would die on the shelves of kiosks. Similarly, he might die without doubt, and all of your editorial staff will cool off the release of the magazine and be able to go to engage in new business. How many of you reading a magazine Cosmopolitan? Read? Really? Then I am happy for this edition, he caught me at a time when only started to be published in Russian, and not including the text of the horoscope is not remember. Somehow flipped.