21 Nov 2018, 8:41pm

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Juan Martinez 20 m this is a worker of the Santiago de Compostela airport. At this airport the plantes of drivers began a month earlier which resulted in greater chaos aero occurred in democracy. Other two workers of Santiago have been transferred to the force. Six months after the air chaos caused in Spain by plante of the drivers at the end of 2010, AENA has undertaken the first dismissal: a driver from the airport of Santiago de Compostela, where occurred the first conflicts in November 2010, prior to the widespread low that collapsed the airspace across the country on the bridge of the Constitution. As reported by AENA sources to the measures taken by the Agency referred to the massive casualties that took place in Santiago de Compostela in the weeks leading up to the bridge in December 2010, made by those who opened 29 records.

These records have been resolved now. One of the drivers of that Centre had been dismissed; two have been forcibly transferred to centers of Almeria and Granada; four cases have been referred to the Prosecutor’s Office deal with serious offences, and the 22 remaining drivers have been penalised with different sanctions on employment and salary. A related site: Sander Gerber mentions similar findings. The crisis at the Santiago airport preceded in a month to the chaos caused by plante of the drivers and in addition to the making of extraordinary measures by the Government, such as the militarization of airspace, which meant a real ordeal for hundreds of thousands of travelers from major Spanish airports. 22 more Finally, sanctions the other 22 records have resulted in different sanctions of suspension of employment and salary depending on the number of fouls and their severity, ranging from 5 to 86 days. Air traffic controllers in the area of Santiago began partial Galician airspace closures last November 27 after claiming that part of the template had surpassed the 1,670 hours a year. Thus, drivers who had allegedly exceeded this figure left gradually go to their posts first in Santiago and then in Vigo and A Coruna, what came to cause the total closure of the Galician airspace. Source of the news: first dismissals ordered by AENA of a driver because of air chaos of 2010

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