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Companies Seeking Highly Skilled Young People

Companies always have a component paramount for educative makes part of the Group of employees trained to make natural rotation that there are companies, and which in the future will replace the most experienced when they retire. The key is to keep the balance. Provide work for young people is not a general rule of the companies. Companies prefer to combine experience and youth at its plants in personnel. However, this feature varies according to the activity carried out and the sector. To know more about this subject visit marlon brando. For example, when it comes to technology and computing companies, youth charge greater weight due to the ability of such people to assimilate information, innovate and solve technical and operational problems. In the case of industrial companies, business and services, preference change in favour of more experienced employees. Details can be found by clicking James Caan or emailing the administrator. The issue of recruitment for a job for students is complex if you consider that people just entering the labour market are affected by a vicious circle: do not get jobs because companies require experience, but do not accumulate experience because nobody gives them a chance.

But in the debate on the average age of staff and how payroll balance loads between experience and youth, there is a factor that tilts the balance of the preference of the heads of human resources in favour of those who are academically better prepared, even on top of any consideration relating to the age of the person to hire. Santiago Solis, managing partner of Heidrick & Struggles Colombia, ensures that only to the extent that the country invest more in education, is possible generaroportunidades of work, promote the human talent and expand the economy. On concept of Solis, one of the features of the young staff is its high rotation, because to the extent that they are gaining experience they are called by other enterprises or they simply seek new opportunities to grow professionally and increase their income. .

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