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Coastal Cities

In harmony with its insularity, the life in many of Cuban cities has been marked by the sea. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. From the first times, the inhabitants of the island have felt the proximity and influences of the sea in the development of their lives, that somehow with its presence has marked the Cuban character. Of the seven first slumses of the island, three were in the coast: Baracoa, Santiago of Cuba and Havana. Other cities and towns were born later in the coast, but for that reason they are not less important in spite of not being so old. For example, Slaughters, Cienfuegos, Caibarien, Gibara, Manzanillo and Nueva Gerona are worth the trouble a visit, all.

These cities differ from others, but all has the same marine enchantment that gives form him to a style of different life, whose spirit, depends to a great extent on the rythmical cadence of the sea. Slaughters, rich in traditions and cradle of poets and musicians, simply are encantanda. Cienfuegos, the South Rep it, with drawing up city-planning perfect, adopted a numerous French colony does already but 100 years and today she is one of the cities but beautiful in Cuba and one of the most important ports, the city simply is an architectonic jewel of century XIX. Caibarien, a typical town of fishermen, is the exit door nowadays to visit the virgin keys of the North Coast of Clear Villa between which the Sorceresses, Key Santa Maria and the Ensenachos tell themselves Key, among others. They have a very promising tourist future due to the incomparable beauty of their beaches and nature, and are destined to being a point of visit forced in the Caribbean. Gibara, located in the bay that Great Admiral Cristobal Columbus named River of the Mares (River of Seas), with his fortifications, is the more important architectonic complex of the region of Holguin.