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Cleaning Equipment. Steam Cleaning .

Cleaning equipment – an important aspect of effective functioning of the production. When cleaning equipment is widely used technology of cleaning with dry steam. With the help of a steam generator by an efficient process emulsification, during which removes dirt, paint or grease and other contaminants. When cleaning equipment steam not used chemicals, and consumes minimal amount of water that is especially important in the food industry, which challenges the standards of cleanliness in the workplace. Dry steam penetrates into hard to reach areas and eliminates the most complex of pollution that can not be removed by hand cleaning equipment.

The technology used to clean electrical groups, refrigerators, freezers and counters, security modules, filters, gratings, conveyor belts, filters and air valves, chains, belts and commercials. Replaces the traditional steam cleaning degreasing and eliminates its weaknesses. Dry steam cleaning is not toxic, removes most of the contaminants, prevents the formation of harmful fumes. Steam cleaning is not harmful to environment, does not produce secondary waste and is versatile enough. Professionals in the industrial cleaning regularly use the technology of dry steam for cleaning and disinfecting equipment, tools, parts, etc. Pairs and cleaning equipment – most problems, including degreasing, disinfecting, cleaning.

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