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Cigars And Forgery

Cigars? What do you mean by this term. When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he did not think of how many new things to bring peace. And one of these things – cigars. Initially, the old light took snuff, and in particular cigar, which brought and smoked in public, Rodrigo de Jerez (one of the conquistadors) in the bayonets, and he was jailed for three years by order of the Holy Inquisition. But later on smoking cigars has become very popular at first, but only in Spanish and Portuguese nobility, because the tobacco was very expensive. Although after a bit of time by the standards of history in vxiii century, through the intervention of the Dutch traders, cigars were in Europe and Russia. And in our time, this type of products distributed worldwide. The word 'cigar' comes from the language of ancient Indian tribes that inhabited the area of South America.

The first factory for the production of cigars has been built in Cuba in 1541 by the Spanish, learned to they do have American Indian tribes. Two centuries later built the first cigar factory in Europe in the Spanish city of Seville. This is where the cigar was born in the form in which we are accustomed to see her today. If you take the count in 2008 year, we can say that now, cigar production has reached a climax. Different tobaccos grown in different countries, reflects the sea taste ottnkov acquired them in the process of growth, and a combination of tobaccos from different countries in the manufacture of cigars, generates an even greater variety of tastes. Cigars are divided into three modes of production: Totalmente a mano (made entirely by hand), Hecho a mano (hand made), Machine (twisted by machine). Not want to go into details and indulge in a separate description of each method, except to say that the best are Totalmente a mano, and Hecho a mano.

Along with the high quality and well made cigars worldwide rasprostanilas wave of counterfeiting and smuggling. On a single Cuba his annual turnover is estimated by some experts to fifty million dollars. The bulk of the fakes are rolled in most of these illegal occupations. Working at night in basements. The raw materials used stolen from the factories and plantations of tobacco leaves and pruning. A bunch of fake cigars out of 25 pieces is at the production site five, maximum – ten dollars. Add to that five dollars box and stickers – and get ready to sell the product for fifteen dollars. So do not give your money mosheynikam that although the profit at the expense of your love for cigars. Buy Cigars only in checked the place, or do Spokesman of the direct producer of cigars!

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