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Chinese Levels

To recognize in the endorfinas of the brain, feelings and sensations that seem inexplicable and one such of neurotrofina, a protein identified for the prize Italian Nobel Rita Levy Montalcino, would be the protein of the passion, responsible for the first impulses of the romantic love, for the eddy that provokes sweat in the hands and cold in the stomach. Therefore he is, the scientists of the university of Pavia affirm that the increase of the levels of the neurotrofinas is on to the feelings of euphoria and dependence that appear in the start of a loving relationship. The alterations of the protein in the sanguine chain of men and women of 18 had been analyzed the 31 years. People with relationships of long and short duration. The researchers had evidenced that the levels of the neurotrofinas fall after some time. In that they were starting to namorar, the levels of the neurotrofina were high.

One year later, the relationships continued but the levels of the protein of the passion already had fallen. To believe the people who present an upheaval of the affectivity, concomitant or proportionate for an alteration in the neurotransmitters and neuroreceptores, provides an emotional state through a chemical alteration. Good minds and but, some factors they will indicate its qualities. The judgment depends on values of each one. In the manual of the manufacturer Pablo de Tarso it says: ' ' the evil that I do not want I make the good that I want not fao' '. In the Chinese culture Ing and iang ' ' the evil exists inside of the good and the good exists inside of mal' ' . We could call the two cases break-even point. As we can see the questionings depend on some circumstances and the moment. We will leave for reading you the judgment, remembering Jesus: ' ' with the measure that we judge we will be julgados' '.

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