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Central Training Company

But I think their meaning would be fully revealed, if we actually saw what we see, if we took care to see that we see if we have always looked to see. And not necessarily maintain skepticism or critical attitude, or “open approach” – all this is absolutely unnecessary. But, of course, must be maintained at sufficient level of personal integrity, and maintain an adequate level of personal confidence and self-confidence and courage to be able to see what you see and say about what he saw. Nothing in my work is not is true for you, if you do not see. And this is the truth according to what you saw. And that’s all. L. Ron Hubbard.

“Integrity and truth are directly related to the ability to successfully apply the study of technologies. In the case with this company with its leader and every manager in a separate case, focusing on the unethical methods of transactions (bribery of employees of their clients), citing the fact that “this is the market” and “nothing can be done about it. ” This approach instills the image of managers thought that the only real benefits that can offer their company – is a trick greater than the bribe offered by a competitor. Nothing to do with this approach not for art sales, satisfaction from work, the rule of law and security (bribery a professional offense, and not penalties, and deadlines). So, despite the training, unethical interfered apply these in practice.

And it has to do with integrity as a bribe affectionately called “commissions” and “rollback”, and Thieves “by staff with personal involvement.” I always noticed one thing. Once the company is encouraged tactics “to give kickbacks, managers involved in the “backwards”, always start looking for ways on how to steal from their own company. As a rule – they find it. And call it no less than beautiful words, that they “justify”. Know what “Justification”? This is an attempt to explain why the misdeeds and crimes are not crimes and misdemeanors. It is useless to provide a person with the right technology, if it is not safe. It will distort it, distort, apply wrong. And just because a good technology can not work. A man looks at things and sees them in a distorted manner and thus acts on the basis of false premises. Looks, but does not see. Sees but is afraid to admit itself (and even more so to others) that he saw. And this applies not only to kickbacks. Dishonest people think himself very clever, in fact, he just does not see their own stupidity. When he becomes honest, sometimes wonders he did not see the obvious facts that would enable him to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Thieves are promoting the idea that those who are most stolen and did not hit – the most intelligent. Citing the State Duma deputies – the vast most of them take bribes or steal the budgets of the vast size, and nothing else. But those who say, typically are not familiar with these miserable, frightened “millionaires” who survive a heart attack the heart attack. Leaders complain of problems with employees. Solving these problems depends entirely on the personal integrity of the head. The ability to see the facts and act on the facts. Head would not be leader if its integrity, and so would not have been a little higher than that of subordinates. However, this ability can be greatly improved with each person that will simply unimaginable dividends for life.

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