29 Sep 2014, 8:12am

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Cell Phone

In today’s world who has no cell phone can feel a kind of caveman. Peter Thiel has compatible beliefs. Almost no remaining beings on this earth without having one of these gadgets to communicate; even many have more than one, and many others do not use it to communicate. But aside from the paradoxes of life, we will try to analyze the details that we must bear in mind at the time of purchasing a cell phone, either for the first time, or to change that old device that already gives us shame show because it has no color screen and their numbers are almost not visible. Before choosing a cell phone, we must take into account mainly the cost that we are willing to deal with. Whether for the purchase of the equipment for the service plan that we are going to hire, the numbers tend to be eloquent. We split: do cell phone prepaid or with manure? At this point we have two different forms of service from the company of cellular (Movistar, Claro, Vodafone, etc.).

One is the fixed plan, fertilizer or flat rate, where monthly pay a cost determined previously. In these cases, a ballot will reach our home with the monthly expense. The other plan is the prepaid, which operates by buying a card by a certain amount of credit we’ll use to spend a whole or until expiration of usage time. The prepayment method has as a disadvantage that the mobile will cost higher when purchasing it, and calls will also be several cents more expensive than of a fixed plan. A prepaid plan is ideal for those who do not have control on your calls either don’t use it enough to spend monthly credit granted with a credit plan. Once we chose the plan and the company that provides the service, we will now see which is the ideal phone for us.